Four Winemaking Products That Make For The Perfect Gift

Home winemaking supplies are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a glass of wine on the regular! If you have someone in your life who wants to try making their own wine, Home Winemaker Depot has gifts they need to help them start, or continue, their journey. We’re celebrating 50 years of the business of home winemaking, so we have the expertise and essentials that make all of the difference when it comes to perfecting the craft.

a wine making starter kit

Spectacular Starter Kits

A Starter Kit is the best winemaking gift for beginners. With this set, they’ll have everything they need to get started and learn the basics of making their wine. We include everything one needs to craft a balanced and rich wine on their own! 

woven baskets around glass wine bottles

Adorable Demijohns

If you are looking for a gift that will make a home winemaker happy this holiday season, our selection of adorable Demijohns is your answer. Help them continue their passion by gifting them a demijohn that will store large quantities of wine as they work on their next bin. As a bonus, our demijohns have a classic wicker cover that makes them perfect for displaying in their home.

bunches of grapes on the vine in a destemmer blade

Crushers and Destemmers to Make Home Winemaking Easier

Winemakers love every step of the process and can taste the difference it makes in the finished result, but some processes can be tedious at times. With crushers and destemmers, the time-consuming work of destemming and crushing grapes is all handled by a machine! You’ll save them lots of time so they can focus on the more exciting facets of home winemaking.

a funnel in a decanter and a bottle of wine

Fine Funnels And Screens

The smallest actions can greatly impact the taste of the finished product, which can make for tricky business for beginners. Funnels and screens assist with aeration, which draws out the delicious flavors that make us the wine lovers we are. They’re also very handy when transferring wine into a carafe!

If you’re looking for the right home winemaking supplies to support a friend or family member in expanding how they enjoy wine, Home Winemaker Depot has everything you need! As we celebrate 50 years in the business, we want to help you share the gift of winemaking with your loved ones. Browse our extensive selection of equipment and supplies that are perfect for winemaking for beginners, and order today!

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